A Smidgen Of Gossip

In this world of ever increasing doom and gloom, A Smidgen Of Gossip looks on the bright side of life.

Once a month, escape into a world of beautiful - but simple - pleasures. No froth. No frivolity. Just wonderful snippets of can do. Can have. Can dream about.

Why not try it!

It's fun.  It's interesting. It's entertaining.

And there are no hoops to jump through to Unsubscribe.

This is what a subscriber says about it.

"Carol.  Just had some time to read it and found that it is, as with everything you do, rather wonderful. A great read.  I must promote you in one of my blog articles. Winston"  
We dabble in unaffordable luxury.
As well as affordable luxury.
Practical tips and how to's.
People who make a difference.
The occasional tidbits from my rural life.
The showcasing of beautiful things.
Plus featuring a gallery of my morning photos taken on my rural property.
All under the umbrella of A Smidgen Of Gossip.
Join me on this monthly trip into the kaleidoscopic world of the sunny side of life.
~Carol Jones, Ironing Diva 
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